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Before beginning the work you have to know what's it you're designing for. Form עיצוב אתר description of your website, you have to know what the expectations are for it. Have a news site for example, what's the goal? Could it be to produce make as numerous ad impressions as possible or could it be to provide the best reading experience? How are those goals planning to be measured?

gwebsiteGood redesigns are not necessarily probably the עיצוב אתר most flashy ones but the ones that improve performance over time. Speaking with your clients prior to starting your design is key to define every one of this. You should try to learn what their concerns and goals beyond the written SOW (statement of work) are.

02. Put your thoughts on paper first

Very early sketches of an illustration series about cities around the world (click the top-right icon to enlarge the image)
This seems very obvious but I've found too often that designers jump straight within their work before giving any thought to the issue they are trying to solve. Design is about solving problems, and those problems can't be resolved through gradients or shadows but alternatively by way of a good layout and an obvious hierarchy.

Take into account the content, the layout and the functionality prior to starting to drop shadows. Make certain those thoughts are in line with your client's goals and feel free to talk about them. No client gWebsite ever has complained if you ask me about over-communicating ideas.

03. Start sketching a top-level framework