제목 Having Regular Sex Helps To Live Longer
글쓴이 NaomiEngle28574 날짜 2018.07.12 13:02 조회 수 0
British researchers investigated the sexual frequency of 918 healthy men in Welsh Caerphilly, aged 45 to 59, when the study began (1979-83). A decade later, they checked with the men when they were 55-69 years old. The death toll was 150, 67 from heart quan he tinh duc attack and 83 from other causes. They correlated the male sexual frequency from the initial survey to death or life 10 years later. Compared to men who have sex only once a month, people who have sex twice a week have only half the rate of death. For the whole group, as sexual frequency increased, the risk of death decreased.

When this study was published, critics have stated that sex is a sign of health, so it is probably not sex that extends the lives of men, but the fact that they are strong Stronger and starts with regular sex.

However, there are no significant differences in those with the highest and lowest sexual frequency, smoking, weight, blood pressure or heart disease. Thus, compared to the less sexually active men, many sex partners do not appear to be significantly healthy.